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Bilingual Invitations Wording

Plan to Invite Guests Who May Not Understand One Language?

Choose to Go For Bilingual Wedding Invitations 

Preparing the guest list is a challenging task in any wedding, but even more challenging is to pick out the perfect wedding invite. A wedding card should be chosen according to the brilliance of its design and its overall attractiveness. While some choose to go for traditional designs and motifs, some prefer modern designs and theme based cards. The basic idea is to make a good impression with the guests and convey a sense of warmth and happiness. But what about the language? Are you absolutely certain that all your guests will understand the language in which the cards are being printed? If not, then in addition to the design and colors, it is also important to pay attention to the language.


What Exactly Is A Bilingual Wedding Invitation? 

The term 'Bilingual' means 'two languages'. Thus, a bilingual wedding invitation is a wedding invite that comes in two different languages. It is considered safe to choose bilingual wedding invitations for the benefit of the guests. Of the two languages chosen, one is regional language while the other is English as the latter is understood by almost everybody. 

Why Are Bilingual Wedding Invitations Significant In India? 

India is a land of diverse cultures and religions. With a total of 22 official languages and more than 150 mother tongues spoken in India, there is absolutely no doubt that a bilingual invitation would be very much appropriate here. As a result, most of the Indian wedding cards today are bilingual. After all, it makes no sense if your guests are not able to understand the meaning of your invitation card. 


Language Choices In Bilingual Wedding Invitations 

India was under the British rule for over two hundred years. As such, most of India knows and understands English pretty well. An individual who is not comfortable with a particular regional language understands English fairly well. English is also the most spoken language all across the world. Thus, even if you are planning to invite international guests, it is better to keep one of the languages of the Indian marriage cards as English.

 The other language is the mother tongue of the either the bride or the groom (depending from which side the invitation is being sent). Religion and tradition play a very important role in Indian wedding invites, thus the regional language is almost a must. After all, there is no better way to stick to your traditions than using your mother language to invite your esteemed guests.

 If you are thinking that only the traditional wedding cards make first language mandatory, you are wrong here because even the modern Indian wedding invitations compulsorily use the mother language to print the main invitation message. The truth is that, no matter how modern you are, your mother language brings you closer to your roots and lends warmth to the marriage invite. No wedding invitation is complete without a simple and warm invitation message in the mother language. 

Types of Bilingual Invitations


Bilingual wedding invitations generally come in two varieties:


·         Same Card, Different Languages – This is the most common format in which the same invitation message in two different languages is printed on two different pages of the Indian wedding card. This is more economical and the hosts do not have to worry about the language preference of the individual guests.


·         Different Cards, Different Languages – The invitations in different languages are printed on different sets of cards. The one sending out the invite needs prior knowledge about language preference of individual guests and distributes the cards likewise. Though there are many today who still opt for this format, it is not that popular as it scores low on the convenience factor.


 Is It Possible To Convert A Normal Wedding Invitation Card To A Bilingual One? 

Bilingual invitations are not a separate type of cards, they are simply normal wedding cards in two languages. Thus, you can choose any wedding card and instruct the printer to print the card in different languages. Bilingual cards can come in any design, theme or color of your choice.


The One Stop Solution For High Quality Bilingual Wedding Invites 

Bilingual invitations are their best at D'or Invitations. They are experts at printing in any regional language and have a wide range of formats for the same. You can also suggest modifications and word changes and D'or will never let you down. They can incorporate the bilingual feature in any card of your choice. All you have to do is look through the collections at D'or Invitations and choose the design. D'or Invitations will make sure that you get your bilingual wedding invite perfectly ready well ahead of time.

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