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Stationary Wordings

Importance of wedding stationary wordings

Wedding is one of the most imperative events in everyone’s life and that’s why wedding ceremonies are organized in a grand and lavish way in any part of the world irrespective of race, religion and community. No matter if we are attending a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian wedding, all weddings are embraced with numerous traditions and rituals. Wedding stationaries are one of the pivotal part of any wedding and without these stationaries it will be a very troublesome job to execute a quintessential wedding.

In general, wedding stationaries consists of several components:

  • Wedding invitations
  • Rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Wedding programmes
  • RSVP cards
  • Wedding announcements
  • ·         Bridal shower

All of the above mentioned things demand suitable invitation wordings because wordings always enhance the essence of the marriage and also makes the guests craving for the wedding. There are numerous options when it comes to the wedding stationary wordings. The wedding stationary wordings can be traditional and formal or casual. This solely depends on how we want to portray the theme of the wedding in front of our guests and others so that they can’t escape themselves from the charm of the wedding.


·         Wedding invitation wordings

In these technologically driven era, many ancient wedding rules are disappearing, particularly in the overall look of invitations. Still many modern couples are more inclined towards traditional wordings because they make a clear statement of impeccable elegance. But with non-traditional family situations and multiple funding sources for the festivities, it is a very arduous job to come up with wordings that will go best with that particular situation. Certain points are always need to be kept in mind while choosing wedding invitation wordings.

a.       It is mandatory to spell out every word in our wedding invitation cards. Though we can use titles like Mr. or Ms., but we should spell out wedding date, time, venue address in words as well as in numbers.

b.      We need to put commas, periods very cautiously

c.       If the parents’ name of both bride and groom are incorporated into the cards, then we can discard the last names of both bride and groom else it will show redundancy.

d.      According to wedding etiquettes, bride’s name should come first.

e.      Some people prefer to use British spellings as they consider it more formal, while others may disagree with this. So, we can choose spellings according to out taste but consistency should be maintained.

f.        Try to discard shorthand wordings as much as possible.

Though some people hardly abide by the rules of traditional wedding wordings, they prefer some unique and eccentric invitation wordings. Suppose a couple share a mutual love for some game then they can easily choose some sports-theme invitation wordings for their wedding invitation cards. Let’s take another example, suppose a couple is planning to do a destination wedding then they can design their wedding invitation wordings according to their destination but make sure to include all vital information to the cards so that guests can also feel the flavour of their wedding.


·         Rehearsal dinner invitation wordings

While choosing Rehearsal dinner invitation wordings, we need to keep in mind that these wordings should be synchronized with the tone, style and theme of the dinner. Proper rehearsal invitation wordings should comprise of all necessary information’s like when, where, style of dinner so that guests can embellish themselves with proper dress code.


·         Wedding Programme wordings

Wedding programmes are designed especially for guests so that they can know a little bit more about the wedding party. While choosing wedding programme words certain things should be incorporated like: Name of the bride and groom, Wedding day time and date, Place, Name of the parents & grandparents, name of the officiant, a to-the- point list of the order of service. We may also include other information (thank you message, reception information, our relationship with our wedding party members specially with cousins, brothers etc.)


·         RSVP invitation wordings

Many couple choose contemporary wordings for RSVP invitation cards while some prefer to drop the traditional “M” in front of the blank line so that guests can accordingly write their names.

·         Wedding announcement wordings

We can’t invite everyone in our wedding but we can easily intimate with them by sending some proper wedding announcement wordings. For wedding announcement wordings, bride and groom’s names are mandatory whereas parents’ names are optional.

·         Bridal shower invitation wordings

It is true that bridal shower invitation wordings are also dependent on the type of shower we are going to host. But we need to mention all important details like who, what, where and when in the invitation wordings. 


Now we already have some vivid ideas about the wedding stationary wordings, so now we need some suppliers or vendors who can easily execute our ideas and can form a concrete product. So there is no other option like D’OR invitations which is a huge name in the world of wedding cards and wedding stationary wordings. They are known for the skill, talent and passion they put in to make the most impressive wedding stationary wordings. We can expect unique pieces’ stationary wordings from them and they will surely come out with something beyond our imaginations.

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